5 Rockstar Features of AdWords You Should Use

AdWords is constantly evolving. Google makes sure that businesses can have their best marketing campaign through AdWords. In this year, AdWords has unveiled new features that can really improve your campaign performance in various ways.

Let’s check out the five rock star features pf AdWords that you should definitely use:

 Feature #1: Device Adjustments

Before, it is a struggle for marketers which device will they focus their campaign. Today, AdWords allows you to bid separately on smartphone and computer devices. In this case, businesses can save money. You can choose one device as the anchor and AdWords will make necessary campaign adjustments for the other devices.

 Feature #2: Expanded Text Ads

Businesses can make the most of their campaign by filling out all available ad content fields. Before, headlines are limited to 25 characters. Now, AdWords generously expands it to 30 characters which you can split into two headlines. This will effectively help marketers reach their target audience faster.

Feature #3: Personalized Targeting

Last September 2016, AdWords allows marketers to customize audience targeting through their Demographics for Search Ads feature. In this feature, businesses can widen their reach by specifying age, gender, and even life events. This is extremely helpful to reach potential customers more efficiently.

Feature #4: Price Extensions

AdWords has a new feature that allows businesses to show the price of their products or services, not just one, but two and more. The ad will display the products with their corresponding price and a brief description. Once clicked, it will direct consumers to a different landing page.

Feature #5: Surveys 360

This is a great news for account managers as AdWords brings its Surveys 360. In this feature, marketers can create a survey to a specific audience to generate first-hand data and results. It makes A/B testing much easier.

AdWords has a dozen of features. They are all created to improve your campaign performance. Make sure to explore them all.

Infographic by: Tatu Digital